Congratulations to Professors: Iordanis Karagiannidis and G. Geoffrey Booth
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Congratulations to Professors: Scott M. Brown and William T. Ziemba (posthumously)
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Congratulations to Professors: Haim Kedar-Levy,Elroi Hadad, Gitit Gur-Gershgoren
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Note from the Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors has decided to host only in-person conferences. That's because we believe in the power of human connection. At our conferences we connect both: people and research in the name of growth and success. We organize solely in-person, live conferences, because we care about each participant; we want to know you in-perosn. We are curious where you come from and what your research interests are. We are truly priviledged to have steady participants that have attended our events every single year, for the past 28 years!

This coming year, we are proud to host our event at a wonderful location in the historical and cultural City of Paphos, Cyprus. We invite you to submitt your paper and look forward to seeing you in person.

All it takes, is one new relationship to change the way you approach all of your work! One great connection can lead to research partherships and new job opportunities.

Thank you!

See you in Cyprus!

Upcoming Conferences

29th Annual Conference of the
Multinational Finance Society (In-person only)

July 2-5, 2023
Paphos, Cyprus

To Submit a paper click here (if you missed the deadline and wish to submit late  - please contact the office)

Registration is now open!

Click here for Conference Program (coming soon)

Multinational Finance Society

A non-profit organization established in 1995 for the advancement and dissemination of financial 

knowledge and research findings pertaining to industrialized and developing countries among members of the academic and 

business communities.

Multinational Finance Journal

The Multinational Finance Journal (MFJ) publishes high-quality refereed articles on capital markets, financial institutions, management of investments, and corporate finance, dealing with issues that are relevant to the study and practice of finance in a global context. The MFJ makes a specific contribution by publishing research investigating phenomena related to the integration and interaction of national financial systems at the micro- and macro-finance levels and by disseminating research originating from countries with financial markets in different stages of development and diverse institutional arrangements.

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