Congratulations to Professors: Haim Kedar-Levy,Elroi Hadad, Gitit Gur-Gershgoren
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Newly Published Paper Today Congratulations to Professor Osamah Alkhazali
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Participation and Post Event Survey Results
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Conference Registration

Registrations fee by March 24, 2022 is €375 and by April 24, 2022 is €450. Registration fee after April 24, 2022 is 20% extra. For doctoral students, a discount of €100 applies. Registered participants can attend all social functions. Registration fee may include Sunday’s tour of the city, gala dinner, reception, lunche(s) and coffee break(s) during the conference.

Note: Organizers reserve the right to change any pricing, benefits, rewards, etc. of any services.

Papers registered after April 24, 2022 cannot be considered for the awards.


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