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Spring 2017 MFS Conference - Further Information for the Limassol Traditional Village Excursion (Tour)
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Web Site Credits

The website of the Multinational Finance Society is the product of a team effort by a great number of people!

The Society would like to thank individuals and organizations that contributed to the creation of this website. In particular, the Society is grateful to:

Panayiotis Theodossiou, Editor-in-Chief of the Multinational Finance Journal, for his strategic thinking, continual direction and encouragement towards the completion of this daunting task.

Panayiotis Andreou, Managing Editor of the Multinational Finance Journal, for his endless supply of insights and ideas regarding the design and development of the website, as well as his attentive feedback and constant support throughout the completion of this project.

Fanos Theodosiou, administrative staff and webmaster, for his hard work on maintaining the website functional and fully updated.

Christodoulos Louca, Neophytos Lambertides and Christos Savva, Managing Editors of the Multinational Finance Journal, for providing considerable feedback and invaluable advise on the website's outlook and content.

Finally, many thanks to the dedicated professionals of Exarsis Business Solutions Ltd who have helped us turning our thoughts and ideas into a great website.

Thanks a bunch everyone!