Volume 2, Number 3 / September , Pages 167-244
Are Real Assets Priced Internationally? Evidence from the Art Market
Multinational Finance Journal, 1998, vol. 2, no. 3, pp. 167-187
Kenneth Wieand , University of South Florida, U.S.A.    Corresponding Author
Jeff Donaldson , Northern Kentucky University, U.S.A.
Socorro Quintero , Oklahoma City University, U.S.A.

This article investigates the relationships between the U.S. and Japanese stock market indices and the prices of modern and impressionist paintings sold at auction in New York by Christies and Sotheby. An art price index is constructed to adjust for heterogeneity of individual paintings. Time series properties of the art price index are examined in relation with the S&P500 and Topix stock market indices. The art-price index is heteroskedastic and autocorrelated. When the log-returns to art are compared to log-price returns to the S&P500 and TOPIX stock indices, a single common long-term stochastic trend in the three indices is found. In the short run, log-changes of art prices are related to current and lagged log-changes of the TOPIX index, only

Keywords : art prices; cointegration; GARCH model; hedonic price equation; S&P500 stock index; and TOPIX stock index
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