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Forthcoming MFJ Article

Are Expatriates Managing Banks’ CEE Subsidiaries More Risk Takers?

Liviu Voinea, National Bank of Romania, Romania
Ana-Maria Cazacu, National Bank of Romania, Romania
Florian Neagu, National Bank of Romania, Romania

This paper looks at the largest credit institutions from Central and East European countries to better understand the role of expatriates and of other top management team’s characteristics for banks’ risk profile, strategies and lending activity. The results find that credit institutions with expatriate chief executive officers or larger share of expatriates in the top management team are more risk-takers, as indicated by alternative measures of risk (loan-to-deposit ratio, share of risk weighted assets and provisions for loan losses in total assets). On the other hand, banks managed by expatriates and more interconnected with the parent financial institution or other related parties tend to deliver more credit to companies and households (as share in total assets).

Keywords: banks; expatriates; top management teams; risk; CEE countries

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